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Couples Therapy in Alsager, Cheshire

“A relationship is like a shark. You know it has to constantly move forward or it dies” – Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman, screenplay for Annie Hall, 1977.

I provide counselling and therapy sessions in Alsager, Cheshire to couples seeking to pre-empt or overcome problems and challenges in their relationship. These sessions last 90 minutes and I usually see couples weekly for a given period.

In couples therapy, we use the here-and-now of the therapy room to explore how couples feel about each other and about themselves as individuals. The sessions are invariably rich with both verbal and non-verbal information that can help the couple to better understand themselves and each other. We then use discussion and a range of structured exercises to develop strategies to strengthen the relationship.

Some couples enter therapy together as a pre-emptive measure before any problems appear in the relationship. However, most people requesting couples therapy do so because they have started to experience challenges in relating to each other.

Typical problems that couples seek to address in therapy include:

  • Arguing and disagreements
  • ‘Mismatch’ of personalities
  • Stress around fertility problems and / or fertility treatment
  • Disappointment in each other as life partners
  • Struggling to rediscover each other after children have grown up and left home
  • Sexual problems, including different sexual tastes, absence of sex and loss of libido
  • The division of labour, including problems over income, childcare and housework
  • Physical and / or emotional distance from each other after starting a family
  • Resentment around previous partners, parents and children from outside the relationship
  • Difficulties in coping with the aftermath of an affair

Expectant parents? My Baby & Us Workshop explores ways to survive the emotional shock of baby’s arrival and then ‘baby-proof’ your relationship during the challenging early years of parenthood. This half-day workshop is open to expectant parents in ones or twos, or expectant-parent-plus-supporter; it also makes a great ‘wise gift’ for friends who are going to become parents. Contact me for dates of upcoming Baby & Us Workshops.

I also assist couples in their exiting of long-term relationships, including Conscious Uncoupling.

For more information about couples therapy, Baby & Us groups or to make an appointment, please e-mail me at jcsmith@therapy-cheshire.co.uk or call me on 07811 981645.

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Very good facilitation – encouraging and warm.

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