“Women are driven through the health system like sheep through a dip.
The disease they are being treated for is ‘womanhood’”

Germaine Greer

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Personal Development Sessions and Groups

Sometimes, people don’t feel the need for therapy as such but they would still like to improve certain areas of their lives, understand specific behaviours or remove emotional ‘blocks’. To this end, I run personal development sessions with both individuals and groups.

Personal development can encompass greater self-esteem or self-confidence, body satisfaction, assertiveness, greater relating and empathy, acceptance of time passing and even more philosophical questions such as ‘how can I live better?’ It can be very fruitful to explore all of these issues in a confidential environment with a professional listener who is trained in helping and guidance, and a structured one-to-one personal development programme may take the form of just four 50-minute sessions or may be ongoing.

Typical reasons why people enter a bespoke personal development programme might be:

  • “I’ve recently left a long, unhappy relationship and I need to rediscover the vibrant person I used to be”
  • “As group MD of a large company I have to project leadership but I often feel lonely and self-doubting”
  • “I’ve been a stay-at-home parent for five years and I need to find the confidence to return to work”
  • “Better assertiveness and people skills would really help me in my chosen career”
  • “I’m very self-critical and I want to change this aspect of myself”
  • “I have lots of friends, but I often benchmark myself against them and feel resentful of their success”
  • “Since I retired I find myself asking “Is this all there is?” and wondering about the meaning of life”
  • “People tell me they find me intimidating, which feels hurtful as I try my best to be a nice person”

I have also created a group Personal Development Programme, covering a variety of topics. To date, the Programme has been very successful in terms of affording group members much better understanding of themselves, their motivations and their behaviours using the invaluable here-and-now aspect of group work.

“Excellent facilitation – I would highly recommend this group!” – Nicky, Personal Development Programme participant, 2013.

The six-week Personal Development Programme will take place again in Alsager in January 2015. Strictly limited to six participants. For further information or to book a place please e-mail me at jcsmith@therapy-cheshire.co.uk or call me on 07811 981645.

For more information about personal development, whether one-to-one or in groups, please e-mail me or call me on 07811 981645.

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Very good facilitation – encouraging and warm.

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